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The Columbus Christian School Booster Club is a volunteer parent organization that provides valuable support to the athletic department. The Booster Club sponsors several fundraising functions and activities to enhance the overall athletic program.  The mission of the Booster Club is to promote school spirit, provide financial support, and foster the growth and development of all Columbus Christian School athletes. Parents of all student athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in the CCS Booster Club.


Contact the school office to learn how you can get involved with the Booster Club.


Spring - Flower Basket sales
Fall - Mum sales
Summer - Indianapolis Motor Speedway Retail Shop
(Indy 500 & Brickyard 400)
Ongoing - Concessions & Admissions


Why do we work at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Gift Shop?
Each year, thousands of dollars are invested in athletics at CCS in uniforms, facilities, referees, umpires,  travel, tournaments and trainings. Many schools require families to fund their athletic departments by charging activity fees per sport. CCS leadership desires to remove this financial burden from our families and make athletics available to all students, regardless of circumstance.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has “hired” the CCS Athletic Department to staff their premier air-conditioned gift shop under the Pagoda, next to Pit Row. As compensation for our work, we receive a percentage of all the sales from this shop, which adds up to be thousands of dollars each year. We are very thankful for the 15+ year partnership we’ve had with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and grateful for the trust and support they’ve given our school.

Each family is required to work one track day per student involved in athletics. The investment of your time volunteering in this way makes a big impact for everyone!

Volunteer Tips for the Track

    • Carpooling: To prevent individuals from finding and funding their own parking, CCS volunteers carpool to the track and use allocated IMS parking passes. Each event day has a carpool time listed when volunteers will meet on the west parking lot of the Edinburgh McDonalds off I-65.

    • Attire: Business casual attire and close-toed comfortable shoes are recommended. Many choose to wear CCS spirit wear! The shop is heated/air-conditioned, so bring appropriate layers if needed.

    • Food/Beverage: A refrigerator and microwave are available for volunteers at the Pagoda gift shop. It is recommended for you to bring your own food and drink to avoid the expense of on-site food purchases.

    • Gift-Shop Purchases: All volunteers receive a 40% employee discount!

    • Age/Mobility Working Requirements: IMS prefers volunteers be 16+ years of age, however each workers capability is at the discretion of the Booster Club. Many mature kids as young as 13 have worked successfully. It is a great opportunity for grandparents to volunteer as well. Volunteers may be required to be on their feet. Light lifting, reaching and bending may be required in certain positions. Accommodations can be made to allow for most to serve at the IMS gift shop.

Volunteer Roles at the Shop
Upon arrival and prior to the shop opening for the day, merchandise must be re-stocked. The IMS wants us to replenish everything sold in the shop the previous day to ensure it is full and ready for customers. This time is also used for straightening displays, organizing apparel and general preparation for the day (opening of cash registers etc.)

Cashiers:  Change is provided by IMS and CCS volunteers “open” registers for the day. The number of registers opened depends on the number of anticipated visitors (i.e., Race Day vs. Practice Day). The registers are simple iPad based systems that are very user friendly. A short training is provided if needed.

Stock:  Throughout the day as items are purchased, it will be necessary to restock with additional inventory. These volunteers also help straighten displays, organize apparel and maintain the cleanliness of the shop.

Doorman:  These volunteers help keep an eye on the shop to make sure no one is shoplifting,  answer basic questions or direct customers to merchandise.

How long do we work?
The shop must be open when IMS is open to the public. Volunteers arrive in enough time to make sure the morning duties are complete before the doors open and stay after the gates close to finish end of day duties (closing the registers etc.).

What if I’m unable to stay the whole day?
If you need to leave early or unable to stay the entire day, prior arrangements must be made to ensure there are adequate workers for the shop. Please call the office to coordinate your schedule.  If your schedule is different than that of the group, you will need to provide your own transportation and may incur parking fees if extra passes are not available.

Will I get an opportunity to see the race?
Volunteers will get the opportunity to take staggered, scheduled breaks which they may choose to view the race from a designated standing area or an open seat in the grandstand. TVs are also in the gift shop where the race may be viewed live.

If you are unable to work your shift, please contact Coach Roth at (812) 344-7880 as soon as possible to allow time for staffing changes. If CCS fails to provide adequate workers or meet the expectations of the IMS, we could lose this premiere fundraising opportunity. Thank you in advance for your faithful support!

Call the school office at (812) 372-3780 to sign up!