Frequently Asked Questions


What are the school hours and the pick-up/drop-off process?

  • Elementary classes meet from 8:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. All Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30a.m. on regular school days and an optional after-care program is available for families until 5:30p.m. Middle and High school classes are from 8:00a.m. – 3:15p.m.

  • There are separate car pick-up lines for both Elementary and Middle/High school. Parents are always welcome to come into the school to pick-up their student(s) from their classroom at the designated dismissal time. Please refrain from entering the elementary hallway until 3:00p.m.


How do I find out if school is delayed or cancelled?

  • CCS uses a text alert system to inform parents of any planned, emergency or weather delay. Place a text to 81010 with message @de6f4. Delays are also broadcast on FOX 59, and 90.3 Bridge FM.

  • 1-Hour Delay – School begins at 9:00. Students may come at 8:30.

  • 2-Hour Delay – School begins at 10:00. Students may come at 9:30.

  • Morning PreK dismissal at 11:30. Afternoon Preschool is from 12:30-2:30.

  • You can also stay informed on delays and other information by liking and following our school Facebook and/or Instagram pages.


Is there a school lunch program?

  • There is a hot lunch program with meals available for purchase. Additional offerings for snacks and breakfast are also offered. Orders for the following week must be placed by the Friday before.

  • Menus and order forms are available by week or month. Paper order forms are available outside the school office, however it is recommended that families order lunch through (Payment may be made in the office to avoid the web service charge.)

  • Microwave ovens are also available for student use.


Can I meet my elementary student for lunch or pick them up for an off-site lunch?

  • Yes! If you would like to bring a lunch and eat with your student, there are additional tables available in the lunch area for families. If you would like to take your student to lunch, please inform their teacher and sign the child in/out in the school office.


Where do I get a copy of important school information?

  • Outside the school office are a series of mounted wall folders called the “Crusader Connection”. You can easily pick up paper copies of lunch order forms, SCRIP order forms, monthly school calendars, activity and volunteer information.

  • Important information is also available on the weekly school e-newsletter and on our school website.


Does Columbus Christian have a dress code policy?

  • Yes. CCS students are required to adhere to three main principles when they are at school or attending school functions. These are modesty, appropriateness and neatness. The school has printed specific guidelines to help parents and students understand these principles when making clothing choices. These guidelines are in the student handbook and are also downloadable from the school website.

  • Students not adhering to the dress code guidelines as directed by the school will be asked to change before returning to school.


If my child needs to come late or leave early for an appointment, what do I do?

  • For safety reasons, please sign your student in/out in the school office. A sign-in/out sheet is available for this use. Out of courtesy, please also inform the appropriate teacher(s) of your student’s planned absence.

  • Additionally, the building doors are locked during school hours. Please go to the main doors by the school office and push the video intercom to be admitted.


Why do we have delays once a month for teacher enrichment?

  • As a courtesy to our teaching staff and our families, CCS has arranged to provide in-service hours monthly through the use of a 2-hour delay program. This provides teachers necessary training and prevents the school from having to block off multiple school days for teacher in-service. Please see the school calendar and note these scheduled dates.


Is the school a ministry of East Columbus Christian Church?

  • Columbus Christian School is an inter-denominational school and CCS students represent over 40 different churches in Bartholomew and surrounding counties. The school is viewed as a ministry of ECCC and the two work closely sharing the space and facility resources. Though the school and church operate out of the same buildings, they are two separate entities with two different board of directors.

  • Because of this close connection, both entities must practice flexibility in regards to the facility use. From time to time school/church events have to be rescheduled or moved to another location in order to accommodate immediate needs (i.e., funerals etc.)


What are some easy ways to help support the school?

  • Pray! Pray for the students, staff and resources of CCS to be protected, the instruction to be impactful and most importantly for the school to be used to God’s glory in our students lives and in the community. There are always prayer needs within the school and community. Consider joining the school prayer team organized by the PTF.

  • Each family is required to have 20 volunteer service hours.

  • You can also help raise money for the school by participating in school fundraisers, using the SCRIP program, shopping on using Amazon Smile, collecting Coke codes and Box Tops, Target Red Card, Kroger card and more .



Are volunteers required to have a background check?

  • Yes. In order to help in the classroom or attend field trips, a background check is required and must be completed every year. Forms are sent home with back-to-school information and are also available in the Crusader Connection mailboxes, located outside the school office.


What is the PTF and how do I get involved?

  • As a parent/guardian of a CCS student, you are automatically a member of the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). The PTF is a parent-led volunteer group who works alongside the school to help plan fun events, support our teachers, organize prayer meetings and provide additional staff support as needed. The PTF meets quarterly (all are welcome!) and volunteer opportunities are shared through the school e-newsletter.


What is a homeroom / grade parent?

  • Parent Teacher Fellowship helps to identify one parent leader per class to help support the teacher by coordinating holiday parties, bringing in snacks or communicating information regarding upcoming school events to parents. They are also a great resource for families who are new to CCS regarding general school information!


What are Athletic Service Hours?

  • Each year, thousands of dollars are invested in athletics at CCS in uniforms, facilities, referees, umpires, travel, tournaments and trainings. Many schools require families to fund their athletic departments by charging activity fees per sport. CCS leadership desires to remove this financial burden from our families and make athletics available to all students, regardless of circumstance. As a part of this program, each family is required to work a set number of service hours per student athlete in the concession stand and also volunteer to work one fundraising event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

  • To keep track of your service hours, sign-up to work concessions or IMS, see the log sheets located in a “ATHLETIC Service Hours” binder in the office.



What is the school’s policy on personal electronic devices?

  • iPODS, cellular phones, laptop computers and other items that might distract students from academic and social responsibilities will not be brought to class without teacher approval. Electronics brought to school should be used for school purposes and only during instructional times.

  • A $25 fee may apply to retrieve a cell phone if confiscated during instructional times.


Is before and after school care available for my child?

  • Before-School Care hours are available 7:00 am - 7:30 am Monday-Friday for grades K - 12. Mr. Buterbaugh volunteers his time as part of his ministry to the youth of CCS. Free-will donations may be paid to Mrs. Tammy Harvey in the main office for this service.

  • Children may be dropped off for the school day at 7:30am. From 7:30-8:00am, a CCS teacher will supervise elementary students in the gym area. Middle/High school students are supervised in the Fellowship Hall.

  • A paid after-school program is available for from the end of the school day until 5:30p.m. More information on program specifics are available in the office.

  • All students who remain on the school campus after 3:15 will automatically be placed into the paid after-care program.


What extracurricular activities are available and how does my child get involved?

Sports and extracurricular activities are based on student interest and have included the following:

  • Elementary – Cheerleading, Basketball, Volleyball, Lego Robotics, Choir

  • Middle School/High School – Cheerleading, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Fishing, Choir, Chapel Worship Team, Technicians and Drama


Is my child allowed to have birthday treats in their classroom?

  • Yes, although the teacher may set some limitations based on the ability or allergies of the class. Please talk with your student’s teacher prior to bringing in treats.


My elementary child said they had “Construction” today. What is that?

  • “Construction” may be assigned to help students for the following reasons: makeup work, additional time to complete assignments or tests.

  • “Construction” may be assigned for disciplinary purposes such as: incomplete work, classroom reminders accumulated through the ACTS discipline system or other disciplinary issues.  


If I have a concern about something, who do I talk to?

  • Both in administration and student instruction, CCS desires to follow the example set by Christ in Matthew 18. While the school strives for excellence in all areas, we do recognize that there will be times where misunderstandings arise. Parents, students and staff are encouraged to first go to the source of the issue (not automatically to peers, colleagues, other parents, social media or school administration). Many times problems can be solved without involving persons outside the immediate issue. If the issue remains, it may be respectfully brought to school leadership by arranging an appointment through the school office.

  • To contact leadership with a question or concern directly: Kendall Wildey, Superintendent - or Angie Donnell, Principal -

  • As students, families and staff, we all desire to reflect Christ in what we say, think and do. We each have a unique responsibility to help set the tone and dynamic at our school by using every opportunity to practice grace, love and unity.


How is communication handled at the school?

  • ONLINE – important information, forms and access to student information is available on our school website.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA – like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with school events, student life, upcoming activities and more.

  • TEXT – all school reminders, delay or emergency information are sent via the school text system. Each phone desiring to receive these reminders must send a text to join the system. This information is available in the school office.

  • E-NEWS - In a desire to streamline communication, an e-newsletter will be sent regularly to all parents with information and links to school events, instructions, volunteer opportunities and activities. This typically is emailed on Fridays.

  • CLASSROOM – Information pertaining to specific classrooms will be communicated by the teacher or homeroom/grade parent via text, email or a classroom newsletter.

  • Elementary TUESDAY FOLDER – Information from the school will be sent home weekly in a folder on Tuesday. This includes lunch order forms, flyers for upcoming events etc.



What should I expect at “BACK TO SCHOOL” night?

  • “Back to School” Night is an open-house format where students can bring in their school supplies, meet their teacher(s), and see their classroom(s) prior to school starting. For Middle and High school, this is also when they get their assigned locker and class schedule. “Back to School” Night is also an opportunity to pay school fees/tuition, place initial lunch orders, sign-up for volunteer opportunities and get introduced to the culture at CCS!


What transportation is there for field trips and athletics?

  • Transportation for field trips and athletic events is provided by parents/staff/coaches. Parents wishing to drive and/or chaperone field trips must fill out a background check form prior to volunteering. Teachers will solicit and coordinate drivers for their student field trips as needed. Parents who chaperone will receive service hours. Drivers also receive a bonus service hour.


What is school chapel and can I come?

  • Elementary chapel is held weekly on Wednesdays at 9:00am in the sanctuary. A time of prayer, praise & worship and a speaker are all elements of this special time. Students sit with their classmates. Parents/siblings are welcome to attend chapels. Space is reserved for family in the back half of the sanctuary.

  • Middle/High school chapel is held weekly on Wednesdays at 10:00am in the sanctuary.



What financial aid is available for families?

  • CCS is part of the Indiana School Choice Voucher and SGO scholarship programs. These programs are available based on income and offer a percentage of tuition coverage to qualified families. For more information about the program please contact the school office or visit our website:


What do the class fees go toward?

  • The things covered by class fees vary by student age but generally go toward special student programs, field trips or activities, classroom supplies, snacks, etc.

  • The class fees are forecasted estimates based on previous years and planned activities. There may be unique/special opportunities added throughout the year, which would be require additional funds.


What is the SCRIP program?

  • SCRIP is a nation-wide fundraising program that offers gift cards from hundreds of participating retailers. The cards are purchased at face-value and a percentage is given back. At CCS, the percentage “kick-back” is split. 50% goes to the school, 50% goes to the purchaser in the form of school tuition payment, or any school related trip cost. To order cards or see participating retailers see the SCRIP form available at the Crusader Connection.