Kindergarten: Full & Half-Day

Can you believe your child is ready for Kindergarten?

This is an exciting first-step into the world of academic discovery! A child's first exposure to a structured school environment is important. We want these special students to feel excited about what they are learning and grow in confidence as they develop new skills, try new experiences and make new friends.

Our Kindergarten program is designed to help our youngest Crusaders learn everything from reading, writing and social skills to foundational biblical truth. It is our intentional desire to partner with parents during these critical formative years to introduce them to God and give them a healthy approach to learning.

“Our children attend Columbus Christian School and we love being a part of the CCS family! The small class size has been wonderful and the teachers and staff have provided a high level of education to our children in a loving, Christian environment. ”

— The Miller Family  



Kindergarteners attend Bible class where God and His Son, Jesus Christ are the focus. The children are introduced to Jesus as our Rescuer as seen throughout the Old Testament and New Testament. Bible songs, memory verses and interactive experiences help plant deep truths about God, sin, salvation and service into these young hearts. Kindergarteners also attend Elementary Chapel each week where they participate in corporate worship, teaching and spiritual encouragement.



The academics at the Kindergarten level build on the foundational skills learned in PreK. This grade year leads children through monumental academic milestones as they learn phonics, begin to read and write and further explore the world around them. Kindergarten students also learn math concepts through studying the calendar, numbers 1-100, sorting, classifying and counting objects and money. Some of our science topics include seasons, animals, nutrition and the senses. Our social studies curriculum introduces basic skills like manners and rules, learning the pledges and covers special holidays we celebrate throughout the year. As these academics are approached through the lens of a Biblical Worldview, students begin to see God as the central source of knowledge, skills and aptitude.

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Kindergarteners balance academics with further exploration of music, art, technology, library sciences and physical education. Music classes include an introduction to musical understanding including songs, rhythm and praise! A variety of art and craft projects help stimulate creativity while building important finger dexterity and coordination. All students at Columbus Christian are introduced to the use of technology in the classroom. Basic use of computer skills through educational games and resources provide another layer of learning. Physical Education class helps these young students learn how to strengthen and care for the body God has given them through physical exercise, athletics and body movement.



“The biggest blessing I have seen this year is how much my child has grown closer to God and has learned so much! She looks to Him more and prays when she is scared, unsure, nervous or even thankful for something that day. I was also extremely impressed with how much she accomplished in Kindergarten and first grades. She is reading, writing, doing science projects, math (including multiplication!), has gospel-oriented Bible knowledge and more! I know that no school is perfect because it is full of imperfect people, but I know every day when I send my child to school that I do not have to worry. I know she will be taken care of, individually encouraged to learn and grow in ways that will help her obey and make right choices now and in the future. ”

— Amanda Rice '03  

Is my child ready for Kindergarten?

If you've wondered this - you're not alone! Each year many parents want to know if their child is ready to start Kindergarten. Just because they meet the age requirement of five before August 1st, doesn't mean they are Kindergarten ready. Here are a few things to consider...

  1. Can they follow directions?
    It is important that your child can listen to a teacher and complete simple directions on their own.

  2. Are they able to sit still?
    Children are not expected to sit and listen to a 3-hour lecture, but they are expected to sit and listen to a story and participate in activities. Kindergarten children should be able to sit and listen for 5 - 10 minutes.

  3. Are they fully potty-trained?
    Children should be able to use the restroom and manage it on their own.

  4. Do they know ABCs/123s?
    Children should be able to recite the alphabet and count to 25.

  5. Can they identify upper and lower case letters?
    Children should be able to recognize all upper case and most lower case letters.

  6. Do they have basic manual dexterity skills?
    Children should be able to hold a pencil and scissors correctly.

  7. Do they have basic social skills?
    Children should be able to get along with others. They should be able to share, take turns, and ask for help.

  8. Can they communicate their feelings in a healthy way?
    Children should be able to handle their emotions. It is normal for 5-year-olds to have an occasional "meltdown" when they are upset. They should be able to know their feelings and have coping strategies.

  9. Can they tell a story in order?
    Children should be able to retell a story or personal experience in sequence.

  10. Do they want to learn?
    Children should show an interest and excitement toward learning.

Should I choose a half-day or full-day Kindergarten?
Your family's schedule, preference, and child's stamina help determine whether a half or full-day Kindergarten is best. At CCS, academics are covered in morning activities, so half-day students don't miss critical structured learning times.

Mrs. Roth uses “Scruffy the Dog” to teach big spiritual truths to young children.

Mrs. Roth uses “Scruffy the Dog” to teach big spiritual truths to young children.


Talk to your PreK teacher

It is also good to talk to your child's PreK teacher! They will have the best idea if your child will meet the social and academic expectations for Kindergarten. Many children benefit from another year of PreK. It is better not to push children into an environment andhave them struggle academically and socially. If children enjoy and gain confidence in Kindergarten, it sets them up for a positive outlook on learning!

You can help prepare them now

If your child hasn't mastered these 10 skills, continue working on developing those at home! You can also help your child learn by playing games, doing puzzles, practicing cutting activities, coloring, using letter and number flash cards, and reading to your child daily!

“From the moment we first toured CCS, we could tell it was more than just a school, it was a family, and we wanted to be a part of it. I especially love the small class sizes that allow for individual attention from the teachers, something my daughter has benefitted greatly from. Knowing that my kids are going to get a strong, solid, Biblical education gives me peace, and it is so wonderful to see so much growth, both academically and spiritually. We love our CCS family!”

— Mychaela Bardakjy  

Kindergarten Schedule

Full-Day Kindergarten
5 years old by August 1
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 3:00pm

Half-Day Kindergarten
5 years old by August 1
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 11:30am


“My heart is full of joy as I watched my students comfort and pray with a classmate who was feeling sad this morning. This is just another reason why I chose to teach at a Christian school.”

— Joyce Acton