Virtual eLearning Day Procedures/Practices

What is a Virtual Learning Day?

Students will not report to school due to inclement weather or extraordinary circumstances, but will engage in learning activities using digital resources.

Why is Columbus Christian School using Virtual Learning Day to make up for canceled inclement weather days?

The primary objective is to maintain the momentum of learning.  Virtual Learning Days allow students to minimize the interruptions caused by inclement weather days and continue to make educational progress.

How and when will students and parents know if a Virtual Learning Day will take place?

Inclement weather cancellations and announcements of a Virtual Learning Day will be relayed through the school’s notification systems. CCS APP, social media and local TV/radio stations.

How will students be informed about assignments during a Virtual Learning Day?

Parents and students should become familiar with the Google Classroom login procedures.  All teachers will post contact information and homework assignments on Google Classroom by 9:00 am on a Virtual Learning Day, and will be available for online communication from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

How much time is the student expected to work online during the Virtual Learning Day?

No minimum or maximum amount of time is expected.  Students should complete their work carefully, using the amount of time that is appropriate for them and within the guidelines determined by the assigning teacher.

When will class assignments be due?

Assignments should be completed as assigned by the teacher.  If the student has issues completing the work by the assigned time, they must report their issues to the assigning teacher.  If the issues (connectivity, power outage etc.) are reported to the teacher then the student has two (2) days after we return to school to turn in the assignments.

What if students do not complete their Virtual Learning assignments?

Assignments not completed by the assigned deadline will be recorded as a zero in the gradebook and students with incomplete Virtual Learning assignments will be charged with an unexcused absence for a partial or full day unless issues occur and are reported to the assigning teacher. 

How will Virtual Learning be monitored and counted for attendance?

Accountability for students will rely on assessment of work.  Teachers will assess the student’s work and determine if the student has met the instructional goals for the day.  The actual amount of time online is less important than the work produced and/or created by the student to demonstrate learning and mastery of learning targets.

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